Cliques And Its Effect On Society

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It has always been curious to me as to why cliques begin forming in adolescence and then become so important to us for the rest of our lives. Cliques make many parents, including myself, feel uncomfortable when thinking about our own children. This is because this word has a connotation of creating a separation between the “cool kids” and the “losers.” As a parent I would like to think that children are always kind and understanding with each other, but whether I like it or not, cliques begin forming early on and unfortunately for some, lead to feelings of being ostracized. This leads me to question what drives the formation of cliques and how early on in our lives do these driving forces begin the process.
Friendships form based on the tendency to associate with individuals who we share many similarities with. Cliques begin forming as children when we choose friends who are similar to us. Friends then influence each other and result in them becoming more alike as the friendships develop over time. Studies have also shown that cliques are beginning to form earlier with the emergence of daycares and children being socialized at younger ages (NICHD, 2006). In my personal experience working in a daycare, it was evident that kids began grouping themselves based on age and genders but mutual interests would begin to form which solidified the friendships. It would make sense then that this behavior would then transfer over into elementary school and progress to become more…
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