Cliv Clive's Essay: The Audience Effect

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With so many people writing and having it possibly shown in public; people are getting more conscious about what they write, because they want their writing to show a certain message to others. They put in lots of attention in their writing which means they are improving their writing skills with it. One example Clive wrote was about bloggers; “they’ll get an idea for a blog post and sit down at the keyboard in state of excitement…pretty soon they think about the fact that someone’s going to read this…all weak point…become painfully obvious.” With this example, people are aware of others looking at their work and believe what they have originally is not good enough; so they work on the piece until they believe it is worthy. They want to put out there best work out on display.…show more content…
Clive claims that the audience has an effect to what we write and social scientists have a term that relates called the “audience effect.” Define as when a person shift their work because they know people are watching and it not always in a positive
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