Clock Technology: Minutehound

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You work hard at your business—too hard to let time thieves steal extra dollars from your business. Time theft happens when an employee clocks in or out of work for a fellow coworker; this is also referred to as buddy punching. The financial havoc this can wreak on a business goes beyond what you see. The continual use of the outdated time card takes a lot of paper. At MinuteHound, they propose a solution that wipes out time theft and is a tree-friendly solution. Using the fingerprint punch clock technology from MinuteHound, everything gets tracked in real time. This means you can stop problems before it is too late. The fingerprint punch clock from MinuteHound is so advanced that you will be sent a text message or email whenever an employee shows up…show more content…
That's an understandable concern. MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption when transferring data, and they do not keep employee information on file. Whenever they scan a fingerprint, instead of keeping the fingerprint on file, the company converts the fingerprint information into binary code that gets sent over to the cloud. From there, everything will be placed into a secured database. MinuteHound offers around the clock support for their fingerprint punch clock technology. In general, the system costs just pennies per day. Originally, the biometric fingerprint technology started out at top-secret military bases. They wanted to keep access limited, and MinuteHound's technology is based off the same principles of what the top secret military bases used. If it could keep out unauthorized individuals in the military, certainly it can save you a couple extra thousands every year. What would you do with a few extra thousand dollars every year? You could take a vacation or buy the latest Lamborghini. That might sound somewhat frivolous, but the point is that you can use your hard earned dollars how you want, and you don't have to give in to time
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