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ENTRE 555 | Clocky October 5, 2015 Jeffrey Roh 1. What are the key marketing challenges facing Gauri Nanda? How would you prioritize them? The key marketing challenges facing Gauri Nanda involved three separate and distinct factors: a) The first involved the disparity in the exposure that her product received and the availability of the product itself. From a logistical perspective, the challenge for her was how to continue to generate buzz and interest in the product prior to the actual ability to develop, manufacture, market and sell the product. b) The second factor involved whether or not to segment the market into the need market (those who need the product in order to address their sleeping disorder) versus the fun market…show more content…
She only allowed family investments which restricted the quality of product development and subsequent growth of the company. She should have raised additional capital through angel investors and selected a higher quality manufacturer. As the company becomes more profitable, I would also recommend that she reinvest the dollars into R&D to ensure a more sustainable model. As the quality and functionality of her product line increases, she will naturally gain more market share and, therefore, better distribution channels that will be driven by consumer demand. Clocky’s positioning over time will be largely dependent on how successful it becomes as a consumer-oriented product. 4. Given your chosen positioning option, recommend the key components of a marketing launch plan for Clocky. Include recommendations on Clocky’s product design/features and manufacturing location, pricing, retail channels and distribution plan, and marketing communication. Be sure that your launch plan recognizes Nanda’s budgetary constraints. I would recommend a major overhaul of the design of the product. Although Nanda describes Clocky as a lovable pet-like object, it certainly does not look like one. I would also recommend a higher quality manufacturer, perhaps in the US. The pricing in the $30-40 range seems reasonable to me. The one retail channel I would try to hit up would be the Home Shopping Network. Once a higher quality product was being produced, I would
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