Clocky – the Runaway Alarm Clock

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Clocky – The Runaway Alarm Clock | Case Analysis Group 3 | | Problem Statement Even though Clocky was the center of the media hype, Gauri Nanda is faced with many pressing challenges and issues for its commercial debut in the marketplace: Analysis: 1. Industry Analysis The US alarm clock market in 2005 was quite fragmented with a significant number of players in the regular alarm clock as well as the niche alarm clocks segment. The Americans spent over $7 billion on clocks and watches. On an overall basis, the consumer spending on clocks, lamps and furnishing as a category showed a increasing growth trend. The imported watches segment was also growing at a CAGR of 4% since 2002. The alarm clock industry can be further…show more content…
According to the Porter’s generic strategies of competitive scope and advantage, the expected positioning of Clocky in the alarm clock market is as shown below: Figure 2: Porter’s Generic Strategies Product attribution matrix: Attributes | Consumer Needs | Kano Method type of need | Degree of Importance | Timer | Basic necessity | Must have | ***** | Loud alarm sound | Should be good enough to wake them up – slowly increasing | | ***** | Robust | Product quality – increases customer retention | | ***** | Cute factor | Attracts new customer – increase the trail rate | Linear Satisfier | **** | Emotional connect (Resembles pet) | Increase product affinity – repeat purchase – increase product acceptance | | **** | Poor functioning | Should not be requiring | Reverse Quality element | *** | value for money | Should not be costly | | *** | Feeble product- breaks down often | Should not be weak | | *** | Clocky that speaks | Better if present | Delighter | ** | Makes some other cute sounds so that give more feeling of a pet | Better if present | | * | Product description a. Design -Appearance Clocky has been designed such that it evokes a warm and friendly reaction from consumers with a cute

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