Clocky, the Runaway Alarm Clock

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Based on the six branding goals, how did Nanda fail to sustain Clocky’s appeal? How might Nanda successfully brand her company and one of her products in a new market? Gauri Nanda’s innovative product Clocky combines fun and functionality into one. It was an immediate success with USD $2.2 million in revenue in its first year of sales. In 2008 the revenues decreased by 31.8% (USD $1.5 million) and again by 35% in 2009 (USD $990,000). The economic recession in 2008 induced consumers to cut back on non-essential costs but Nanda’s branding failures assisted in the flattening of sales. These failures will be reviewed based on two branding goals: awareness and image. In addition, recommendations will be given on how to successfully brand…show more content…
Linking Clocky to this locally admired sport will positively appeal to consumers. To further enhance the personal experience, Brazil’s nationally celebrated dance, The Samba, should be incorporated into Clocky. It is unique due to the rhythm it is danced too, involving Brazilian instruments such as the pandeiro, ganzá and reco-reco . Some known rhythms are Bossa Nova and Samba Canção . These rhythms, particular of the Brazilian culture, should be integrated into Clocky’s default alarm tones along with the custom mp3 feature. Advertising it under slogans such as “Samba with Clocky” may attract more consumers. This allows recognition for consumers when they wake up in the morning whilst also having the option to customize alarm tones. Associating football and the Samba with Clocky provides the personal experience and cultural interaction that should be aimed for in the foreign market of Brazil. Some of Gauri Nanda’s decisions steered her company and Clocky to immediate success. However some inappropriate and delayed decisions led to the fall of Nanda Home’s sales revenue. With this Nanda’s company faced a fall that can be rejuvenated with the recommendations provided. Nanda can witness a rise in sales revenue and with successful branding will come profitability. The hiring of a local public relations consultant will provide her with detail on

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