Cloning Ethical And Moral Dilemma

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Cloning an Ethical and Moral Dilemma

Scott Blakley Jr.

YC English 101, Period 3
Dr. Palm
1 December 2014
Cloning an Ethical and Moral Dilemma Science has been plagued with the limits of ethics and morals of the people that fail to see the bigger picture that research can help to bring great things to the world. Cloning is one of the major fields that are affected by closed minded beliefs and laws that prohibit research. Should the search for finding medicine that could save lives and the chance for people to have healthy offspring be denied because of the misconceptions of different generations? Cloning should be allowed because of the medical benefits that it provides, the only way that it can become more ethical is with research to find the best techniques, and yet none of this is possible because of the laws that restrict the research. Cloning is an ethical and moral dilemma as it pertains to how we view not only the lives of people but in fact what we can and cannot do with our own bodies. Many see cloning as people trying to play god with others lives. This comes from the creation of life and then the use of the life that was created. Similar to abortion we have to define the meaning of what it means to be a person and whether or not they should be considered equal. Some may say yes declaring that a person is equal to another because we are both human. This has not been the case though for a great deal of people. Examples of this are wide and varied from…
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