Cloning Essay

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With the technological knowledge in the world growing from day to day, there is no way to predict where science may lead us in the future. Just a few years ago, cloning was something of a fictional nature that most scientists had thought about, but never seriously considered it as an experiment. Recently, animals have been cloned, and cloning has become no less than true reality. In a few more years, the knowledge on how to clone humans could be present. Before that advancement arrives, we need to ask ourselves if this knowledge of cloning is a beneficial idea or a destructive one. Cloning will have negative effects on our society in the future because: cloning devalues uniqueness of the individual cloned, clones could be used in crimes …show more content…
With statistics that strong, it proves that the extent to the public's opposition to the cloning of humans. The Vatican has always been known to be truthful to what they say. The church has a great deal of influence on many people's opinions, and the church believes that human cloning is also immoral because it violates the human dignity of the individual ("Vatican"). How would you feel if you found out that you were a clone? You probably wouldn't feel like a person that was truly meant to step foot on this earth. You would probably feel like a nobody, someone's creation. John Colvin, a writer for The Humanist magazine, says that if cloning is used frequently in our society, "…human biodiversity will be diminished and human evolution will cease" (Colvin 39). People will start to look and act more like each other, and if one person's genes contains vital information for the future and he/she doesn't reproduce sexually, it would be shared with another individual and evolution of the human race will never take place again. Fr. Frank Pavone, a well-respected writer for the church, feels that clones would also feel less of human beings because "value is intimately tied to uniqueness" (Pavone). If people were being cloned one after the other, then there wouldn't be much diversity in the society. This will also diminish the value of uniqueness.
Some other possibilities of cloning that can also upset our economy include
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