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Cloning Abstract The question to clone or not to clone is currently center stage of scientific debate. Since the birth of Dolly, the sheep, in 1997 the controversial question of cloning has been paramount throughout the entire globe. The question is no longer whether it can be done, but whether is should be done and to what extent. We have already cloned goats, mice, monkeys, cattle, and pigs (Cloning fact sheet). Scientists are now trying to get approval to clone humans or at least parts of them (Eccleston, CNN). All of these clonings have led to much criticism and controversy, but the latest attempt at cloning is that of endangered and possibly already extinct species in hopes of preserving them. This short paper…show more content…
In the case of this next example, 692 embryos were cloned, of those only 81 grew sufficiently to implant, of those 42 were implanted into 32 cows, but only eight cows actually became pregnant (Lanza, R., Dresser, B., Damiani, P. 2000). Most of the cows had spontaneous abortions and one had a very late-term abortion. These low statistics led to only one cow making it to full term so far (Lanza, R., Dresser, B., Damiani, P. 2000). What does this have to do with endangered species? Next month, November 2000, the first cloned, endangered species is scheduled to be born. Noah, as he has already been named, is a gaur: a large ox-like animal from India with a current population of only about 36,000 left in the wild (Lanza, R., Dresser, B., Damiani, P. 2000). The reasoning behind cloning endangered species according to scientists at Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), is ultimately the preservation of their gene pool and propagation of these animals until their natural habitats can be restored, at which point they could be reintroduced back into the wild (Lanza, R., Dresser, B., Damiani, P. 2000). The interesting thing about what scientists at ACT are doing, is that they are not cloning the genes of one species and introducing them into the same species, they are transferring the gene carrying eggs into another species entirely. Noah, the gaur, will be brought into this world

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