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1. What should Dr. Smith do?
I think that with such minimal overall research done in the entire cloning industry and no research done with a human being the variable, it is not a wise decision for Dr. Smith to proceed with cloning the body cell of Lucy. Although I don’t think that any further damage (besides death) could happen to Lucy, if something terrible happens or if the procedure does go well and then Lucy becomes ill or something else goes wrong with the cloning in the long run, Mr. Luning could come back after the doctor for damages or just create a bad reputation for Dr. Smith and she could lose and donation or funds that she currently has while cloning animals.

2. Give three reasons she should not do this.
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5. Dr. Smith would be the first to clone a human being, and she could have the most modern laboratory-everything that she wanted. Should this play a part in her decision?
Similar to the response for question 4, there are most certainly some incentives for Dr. Smith to do the cloning, and getting the ‘most modern laboratory-everything that she wanted’, is definitely one of those incentives. So if in her head her reasons for not doing it are outweighed by the reasons for doing it I think that would do it.

6. Should scientists do everything they are capable of doing? Give four arguments for your answer.
No, there is nothing that says that a scientist has to do something that they do not want to do or do not agree with. If they are forced into doing something that they don’t want to do they may drop out of a scientific research field all together and us as a society could lose out on future contributions that they could have made to the world. Also, with limited overall and no real research with human cloning, if something could go wrong it will go wrong, and that something going wrong on a human would be a lot worse for all parties involved unlike as if it were an animal.

7. Will there be a market for human cloning? Why or why not?
I think that once there is a successful procedure done there will initially be a very small market for human
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