Cloning: Has Science Created A Frankenstein? Essay

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Cloning: Has Science Created A Frankenstein?

In Shelley's " Frankenstein" the scientist Victor Frankenstein is out to create life by putting human parts along with electricity. His quest is to be able to create life in a way which has never been done or thought of before. Victor Frankenstein may have been motivated by the death of his family, hoping to find a reverse to death in an attempt to cheat death. He may have also been motivated by the power of creating life. Regardless of his motivation his desire to create life became so overwhelming that he eventually had no interest in anything but his work.

This desire for scientific advancement which Shelley writes about must be similar to what motivates scientists even today. In the
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Scientists are always going to be looking for future advancements on what is known, in a quest to create or discover cures and solutions to existing problems in society.
It is not possible for us to undo what has been discovered, we must simply accept it and try to use it to its potential, while being responsible. Cloning of a sheep has already taken place, we are not able to undo this, therefore, we must decide what to do with this information. The decision of how far we should take cloning must be made. When have we gone to far, and for what purposes should we use this new technology. Cloning, may turn out to be the best thing that has ever been discovered, or it may be that it is the downfall to the way of life we know. It is important that we realize this information is here to stay and not waste time arguing whether it is right or wrong, since that is a useless argument. Time will be much better severed by arguing the uses and controls that need to be placed on cloning.

If science is able to advance cloning to the point of simply cloning human parts, such as skin or a heart or lungs, or any of the other organs, then this could save the lives of millions. If science is able to clone skin for example then millions of burn victims would be able to
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