Cloning Humans Essay example

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Cloning Humans

Cloning is the process of duplicating a genetically identical organism through non-sexual means. Cloning can be done with plants animals including human, but it had been success with only plants and animals not human, since there are some argument going on about is it right or wrong to clone human (which is actually what this essay is all about). The first cloned mammal is a sheep named 'Dolly' in 1997.The scientists had cloned other animals, such as cows and mice. There are some discussions about cloning; some people say cloning is dangerous. In my opinion, I think cloning is 'ok' because it will make the huge leap of biological science knowledge and technology, it also probably
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(This kind of cloning is called, Therapeutic cloning, and it is legal to do that in UK.) For example, we can clone our Liver or Kidney for transplants.

Second reason is that we can improve the human race by cloning people those who are intelligent or athletic in an attempt to produce a "super race" even if it's not the main aiming of the scientific mainstream though. This kind of cloning will actually produces the genetically identical organism from its "parent"; this kind of cloning is called 'Reproductive Cloning'. I think this is good because we might be able to improve our immunity system in the future, so that our clones are immune to the dangerous diseases and probably all the sickness you can find and we can also avoid defective genes.

The idea of why I'm actually agreeing with this is because I think in the future we can have our brain transferred to another body which is our clone - exact copy (or close edited version of our clone) so that we can live as long as we want, and we can even have a rest (die) for long time (e.g. 100 years) and put our brain back into a clone and continue living. Or using this idea for someone who is dead with his brain kept safe and 100% perfect and their relative wants that person back for some reason, doctor can clone the body of the dead person using the genes from the corpse, so

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