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Cloning and Stem Cell Research
S/P: To inform my audience about cloning and cell stem research. C/I: The benefits and ethical issues of cloning and cell stem research. Introduction
Specific purpose: Today I’m going to inform you about “Cloning Technology and Stem Cell Research”.
Attention getter: Imagine yourself dying from heart disease or liver failure, and the only way to live was to have an exact clone of your heart or liver. The only way this could be possible was to have an exact copy made by your organs, and this process is achieved only by cloning.
Reveal central idea: Stem cell research and cloning, is one of the most exciting and controversial ethical
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Diabetes: People who suffer from type I diabetes have problems with the regulation of insulin. In this case research says that by taking some of this cells who are not capable to produce insulin, in laboratory conditions we can guide this cells to generate other cells that will be able to produce insulin. Then transplant these cells into diabetics, in order to remove their need for insulin injection. B. Transplanting damaged organs. Stem cells are very important in this process, because from your own cells scientists can develop organs. And if you will need any transplant this organs can be used at any time and have no risk that your organism might reject them. The first successful transplant from this technique of “growing your own organs” took place in Barcelona, Spain 2008, and this was a 30-year old woman from Colombia, who replaced her windpipe because of tuberculosis. C. Testing medications and drugs. Stem cells have an important role in this field. New drugs and medications can be tested on stem cells to see if they are safe, before we use them on humans or animals. Scientists by doing this tests can find new ways to treat some diseases. For example a cancer cell can be created to test an anti-tumor drug. If the results will be positive we will have a cure for that kind of tumor.
(Transition: The final part that we will look at is the ethical issues and government funding of stem cell
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