Cloning Miranda

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Cloning Miranda


The author of this book is Carol Matas. She has written over 40 books for adults and children. Her books are either historical fiction, contemporary, fantasy or science fiction. Carol Matas writes books to entertain and to challenge her readers. Challenge them by posting ethical and moral problems in her books. She wants to make them think for themselves.
This book confirms those motives clearly.


The Story plays in California. It’s more in the modern time. Actually you don't learn much about the surroundings, but more about the problems and conflicts between the characters. There are cars, telephones and special medical researches and clinic, so it's the same like our time. I think the reason Carol Matas
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From Chapter 8 to Chapter 10 she tries to find out the truth and in Chapter 10 her parents at last tells her the whole truth.
And from Chapter 11 to Chapter 15 is about making decisions and thinking about humanity.

This book is a science fiction book for young adults. It contains many universal themes which will make you think. * Are we allowed to interfere with the nature? * Cloning or Gen Modification

* What does it mean to be Human?

* Is parental love an excuse to be dishonest with their child? And to go over the lines of human morals?

Personal Opinion of the book

I personally think that this book is not to give answers, but to make the readers think. Although Miranda represents the human morality and the humanity it makes me think otherwise. Like why is cloning wrong and why are we afraid of it? Why does love loses against human morality?
So, I must say, this novel and Carol Matas achieved the goal. Although I must say that with the many foreshadowing and the title of book it was quite predictable what will happen and it was an easy read because of the easy words and the length. However it was interesting and shocking to see Miranda’s reaction towards the cloning issue and the themes made it also heavier, so it compensates it.

All in all I can say, that it’s worth to read it.



Chapter 1 Introduction
Introduction Miranda's Personality
→ She never experienced any bad
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