Cloning Technology: With Respect to Faith and Reason Essay

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Cloning Technology: With Respect to Faith and Reason Church VS Science The idea of sitting in an airport and seeing someone walk past that looks identical to you may seem absurd, but due to new scientific development it may not stay that way for long. In 1953 two scientists by the names of James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA.1 DNA can be defined as the makeup of chromosomes, which carry genetic information. DNA is present in nearly every living organism and can be found in a living organisms body tissue, hair, and blood.2 The discovery of DNA has led to amazing advances in the medical field. When the structure was first discovered society did not fully understand some of the possible outcomes…show more content…
Many religious people believe that some things should not be changed and messed with. Whereas scientists believe that anything can be changed and anything is possible. Scientists explain that through genetic research many human diseases can be cured. James Watson writes "In combating disease, genetics helps enormously if it is a bad gene that contributes to the cause. Ignoring genes is like trying to solve a murder without finding the murderer." Watson also reports that DNA research is solely responsible for the small steps that have been taken in better understanding cancer. Furthermore he explains that it is only through DNA research that cancer may ever be cured.4 A genetic scientist from Stanford University by the name of Paul Berg also writes "Scientist argue that the opportunity to learn more about the processes of early development and to capture scientific and medical promise that cloning technology offers…are also of paramount importance."5 Through statements such as these scientists are explaining that they generally agree with the public in the idea that too many questions remain to allow creation of a human being by cloning. Scientists are much more concerned with using cloning technology to cure many human diseases. By finding cures for many deadly diseases, the human life span will then be lengthened. This is the

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