Cloning, The, And False Interpretations Of Cloning

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Cloning, an ethical issue that has been pressed across the globe, has become a substantial debate throughout a majority of nations. The incorporation of a new type of reproduction in the United States has a plentiful amount of benefits for certain animals and objects, but duplicates of humans is hard to comprehend for many people across America. Currently, cloning is an interesting topic that could become a new way to improve reproduction of animals and humans, prevent diseases, and increase the overall health of Americans. The incorporation of cloning in America has been long pondered on by scientists, government officials, and even citizens. The issues associated with cloning is simply the unknowns and false interpretations. These unknowns and false interpretations of cloning has caused a significant number of Americans to coward at the thought of it. Americans believe that cloning is impossible, and that it’s simply an act straight from a science fiction movie. With millions of people viewing science fiction movies on cloning, such as Jurassic Park, Avatar, and The 6th Day, those movies all lead to the downfall of the society. The negative connotation associated with cloning in the media has created a detrimental perspective on cloning by the American people. The status of how Americans view cloning is evident within the results from a CGS detailed survey. In the survey of 1000 adult Americans, 860 of the surveyed believed that cloning to produce a child should be deemed
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