Cloning: The Story and Impact of Dolly the Sheep

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Dolly was the first sheep cloned which created with a replicated DNA. Dolly the Sheep was created by Ian Wilmut and scientists from the Roslin Institute of University of Edinburgh in Sweden. The name”Dolly” comes from the country star Dolly Parton . Dolly the sheep sent shock waves through the world when the news was released 7 months after her birth. Like Hank Greely said “Dolly was not, in fact, the harbinger of armies of human clones, though the news coverage might have led credulous readers to think so." In this essay you will learn how Dolly was created, about her life, and the scientific advances she set in motion.

Dolly the sheep was through a process called “Somatic Nuclear Transfer.” To perform this process you need many steps. First you must remove the nucleus from an egg cell and insert it into an egg cell from a different sheep. (Freudenrich) To perform this step Ian Wilmut used a very small and sharp needle and extracted the nucleus from the Finn Dorsett sheep, which is the white sheep, and inserted it in to a Black faced sheep’s unfertilized egg cell. (Freudenrich) To start the fertilization scientist put various chemicals on the cell and gave it an electric shock. This fused the nucleus and the egg cell which created an embryo. After the egg was fertilized it was then placed in to a third…

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