Cloning: The Synthetic Way of Life

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Cloning: The Synthetic Way of Life Cloning is an acceptable option for most people, but in all reality, it is just a synthetic way of life. If we accept cloning as an acceptable option, an example would be human cloning; it will devalue our human lives, lessen our way of adapting, and cause undesirable traits from the clone. Life is a wonderful gift that is given to us. We live life to the fullest to experience the natural way of life. Creating human clones will devalue our lives in different ways. If you are a clone, then it is likely that you will be held in captivity for controlled examinations. Not only will you be held in captivity, but you will be monitored at all times to see what you might say, and what you will do. Being held in captivity and being monitored is not the way of life, yet that is the life of a clone. It is taking away our god given rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. This will devalue our way of life because it is not the life that we are meant to live; it is a life that has been planned and controlled since the very beginning. We, as human beings, have a way to adapting to where we are, the things we see, and the people we meet. But a human clone will not be able to adapt to a regular human life. After the clone has spent time being monitored and controlled, it does not know how to handle different responsibilities of life, how to correctly communicate with people, and most importantly, does not know how to control its
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