Cloning and Technology

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Cloning is the answer to longer Life Cloning is the stepping stone to achieving longer life. Through cloning technology or making copies of ourselves we can overcome a lot of medical issues. Too many of us have been told by doctors that we have some irreversible illness or injury without a cure. That a loved one will never walk again or move their arm. Cloning is the answer to most of these issues and will help us live a longer and happier life. The following paragraphs will discuss the problems with cloning, why these problems exist and possible solutions to correct the problem.
First of all, what is cloning? Cloning is the process of reproducing an identical piece of ourselves at a subatomic level (Thompson). We can produce a replica of ourselves ranging from our full body to just copies of our organs or an appendage like a toe or finger. The problem with cloning is that modern science has not yet learned how to separate all of the unhealthy items from the healthy ones. When this process is complete we have a perfect copy of ourselves, but our other self is not immune to normal defects such as cancer, lung or heart failure, blood disorders, or even seizures (Kilner). We can spend all of our money on making another us but end up with contaminated goods. Now we have another us that has to be fixed or discarded.
The reasons why these problems exist is because modern science does not have the technology to identify, totally isolate, and completely remove the negative
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