Cloning to Save Lives

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According to NCSL in the article “Cloning Human Laws,” fifteen out of fifty one states have banned reproductive cloning. In addition, the banning of reproductive cloning will not support scientists with the funds for human cloning research, as well as prohibit the donation of human zygotes. This is significant because if there is no support from the government for funding and permission to research, then the human cloning technology will progress slowly and illegally in the United States. Contrary, Dr. Silver Lee believes that the cloned baby will be no different than children who are already born today. It will look like one parent and it will have many of the same behavior predispositions as the one parent. Dr. Silver Lee argues that there is no difference between a naturally reproductive baby and a clone baby. Children usually look like their parents so it does not matter if the baby is a clone or not, it will be treated like a child. Conversely, there are other reasons that cloning should be allowed in the fertility clinics. Cloning human beings could also be used to replace a loss one or to clone an exact replica of someone one we desired. In other words, many people will want to have babies with someone famous. Contrary, that is less likely to happen. According to Alissa Gauna who is the author of the article “You Stole My Steez,”…
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