Clorical State Of Therapy Case Study

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CLINICAL COURSE OF CONDITION There are five stages from 1 to 5, but people experience these stages differently, and it is common that a stage is missed. Stage 1 and 2 are early-stages that accompany mild motor symptoms, 2 and 3 mid-stages, and 4 and 5 advanced-stages that accompany immobility, dependence and cognitive decline (Hunter & Miller 2016). PD affects all aspects of health including physical, mental, psychological and social well-being, and thus the patients with PD, especially in advanced-stages require assistance with all aspects of living. PD can be a risk factor of chronic disability, higher mortality and lower quality of life (Hunter & Miller 2016). Richard is in the early-mid stage of PD. In this stage movement and gait…show more content…
Surgery may be considered if Richard suffers from severe levodopa-induced dyskinesia (Farrell et al. 2016). In order to improve Richard’s functional mobility, nursing care focuses on independence in ADLs. Richard has been referred to physiotherapist, and the physiotherapist has visited Richard’s home and provided daily exercise education to increase muscle strength and improve coordination and dexterity, and relieve his back pain (Farrell et al. 2016). The physiotherapist has been visiting Richard’s home once a month to see how Richard progresses, and providing a progressive exercise program. An Occupational therapist has visited Richard’s home three times to examine any falls risks. The occupational therapist installed rails in Richard’s bathroom and hallway around the house. A wheelie walker has been prescribed, but according to his family members, rarely uses it at home. Special utensils with built-up handles have been provided to help his mealtime (Farrell et al. 2016). Recently, a speech pathologist has been referred by his GP, since the GP has been concerned about Richard’s tongue tremor and its effect on communication, swallowing and possible dysphasia. The speech pathologist examined Richard and provided education such as exaggerating the pronunciation of words, speaking in short sentences, chewing on one side and then the other, controlling the build-up saliva, holding head upright,
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