Clorox Company Case Summary

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The Clorox Company has been in the cleaning product business for 100 years but the modern consumers are bringing a new challenge. Clorox identified their target audience as the modern parents between 25 to 40 years old with a dual income and on-the-go lifestyle. These parents are increasingly busy and wouldn’t likely be spending their free time cleaning. Moreover, they aren’t familiar with Clorox’s cleaning products. Knowing this, the company sought to start a motivational and informative campaign for families to spend more time together and laugh about the mess in their daily life.
Clorox found a number of recent research to help steer their campaign the right way. The research found that this audience engage in social media extensively, rely on the web to gather information and is heavily influenced by online recommendations. This insight on
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If the competitors were also brands that the targeted audience preferred over Clorox, knowing the reasons for the preference would have helped to better develop Clorox’s campaign and products.

Objectives The objectives had a good variety of input (behavioral, attitudinal and informational) and output types. The behavioral objective was getting modern parents to participate in the campaign by using social media. Convincing the modern parents to view Clorox as a “powerful solution and dependable ally” and to see messes more positively were the attitudinal objectives. To produce informational and shareable content for traditional media (press/feature releases) and social media (hashtags and/or videos) were the output and informational objectives, respectively.
These objectives, however, lacked details about timeframes and measurable results. Below are some alternative objectives with said missing components.

• To increase social media engagement among modern parents (ages of 25 to 40) by 5% within 12
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