Clorox Portfolio Analysis

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Clorox Company (Clorox) is a company with publicly-traded shares and it has operations in four different sectors; Household, Cleaning, International and Lifestyle. Clorox’s main products include Healthlink, Clorox Healthcare, Green Works and Pine-Sol products among others. In this research paper, a strategic assessment and organizational analysis of Clorox Company is carried out. The organizational analysis covers financial position, industry and competitors, organization situation and strategic recommendations from a managerial perspective. Clorox Financial Condition The current ratio of Clorox is 1.27 meaning that it has more current assets as compared to the current liabilities which is good for business as it shows that the company has…show more content…
This initiative creates an impression of an environmentally friendly company hence creating a greater appeal for the company’s products. Colgate-Palmolive created 275 new products and introduced them to global markets in the last five years. The company then ensured product presence by building factories in China and Europe. S.C Johnson & Son Inc. has a business-level strategy that focusses on environmental protection. According to Green Choices SC Johnson 2013 Public Sustainability Report the company is focusing on minimization of landfill waste, reducing greenhouse gas emission and improving on product chemistry. The company also wants to continue on improving product packaging to ensure that they are attractive to consumers and that they are environmentally friendly. SC Johnson launched two wind turbines in its largest manufacturing facility, these together with the existing cogeneration units enables the facility to generate 100 percent of its power need onsite (SC Johnson, 2010). With generation of power through renewable sources the company experiences low power costs resulting in cost savings. The company launched a five year strategy which aims at ensuring less waste, creating winning products and reducing environmental footprints. SC Johnson is
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