Close Guantanamo Bay Prison

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Why Should Guantanamo Closed or Stay Opened
Guantanamo Bay prison camp is a United States military Prison in cuba in which we keep our most lethal and dangerous terrorist at. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said “ the prison camp was established to detain extraordinarily dangerous people to interrogate detainees in an optimal setting and to prosecute detainees for war” (Rumsfeld, 2002). Also this topic is one of the most where the president of the United States and congress disagree on. The President want to close Guantanamo Bay because he think the prison is unnecessary and expensive and it serve a recruitment tool to American terrorist but congress still isn’t and still won't let him. Congress said the main reason why they don’t want
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Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed because prisoners don’t have original jurisdiction like a normal prisoner who have. An example of this when in 2004 in Rasul V. Bush the supreme court ruled that the courts have jurisdiction in hearing habeas corpus petitions from guantanamo and administer is still not letting lawyers represent them , In which is not right because it go against what american beliefs. Also Guantanamo Bay should close because the guard inside of guantanamo bay prison is treating the prisoners unfairly and it is unconstitutionally based on what american believe in. An example of this cruel punishment is when a detainee named Bahraini who was in Guantanamo Bay for five years and he said that Guantanamo soldier assaulted him and put him into solitary confinement. Also he says that the soldiers threatened to kill him and his family. Therefore it should close because they are doing stuff in which is not right and it making prisoner want to harm us. To me I think is the main reason why terrorist what to attack us because they are getting treated wrong. Another reason why I want the Guantanamo bay prison to closed is because if we close the prison it would signal that the United States has emerged from confusion and it would regained a place among other civilized nations (GreenBerg , 2007). This shows that if we close the prison it would make our allies…show more content…
The President wanted to close the prison because he wanted the prison on U.S. soil. When he wanted to close the prison for these reasons people agree with him and people disagree with him. Some Liberals wanted to close the detention center for several of reasons and also they believe that it is unnecessary and we don’t need it. Other Liberals think we should keep it opened because it would not harm any of our citizens. Conservatives want it to remind open because they believe that it can be a vital asset to get information from other terrorist to see what is the next move. Also they believe that keeping the detention center would be the right choice because if we close the than terrorist would go back to killing and we don’t want that. But me personally believe it should close for several of reasons. This is how conservative and liberal feel on this topic and also this is how I feel on the topic as
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