Close Reading And Analysis Of The Film 'Gattaca'

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The essay to be found below is a close reading and analysis of the science fiction film Gattaca, which was graded with a 94%. The assignment, given by a WR100 professor, was to provide a close reading of a dystopian material of our choosing, within the few studied in class. I personally chose to write about Gattaca, because, as a Film & TV major, I believe it was the assignment that would expand more my abilities to study visual arts. To do so, I analyzed a few different techniques used in this film and how they position the viewers to read and comprehend the concepts of fate, discrimination and relationships. The focus was therefore brought on particular techniques, such as the use of shots referencing important moments, color, composition, depth, lighting, as well as the use of a certain vocabulary, highlighting pertinent ideas. We also needed to research what other academics had written in peer-reviewed publications about the film’s style and themes, with the purpose of helping us analyze and understand its meaning of the film.…show more content…
Also, as an international student, I learned how to write analytical essays in an “American-format” directly in college, without learning to at a high school level. I have taken five writing classes previously, and as a Film major, I have a lot of experience in analyzing films and books. However, being an international student can also be a weakness as English is not my first language and as I have had years of experience in high school writing dissertations and essays in a French

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