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The poem ‘During Wind and Rain’ by Thomas Hardy looks at his late wife Emma’s fond childhood memories and the contrast of what the passing of time brings. My essay will explore the devices Hardy uses to communicate the idea of passing time and what literary evidence suggests that Hardy could be deemed as a Victorian and a Modernist writer. Thomas Hardy was interested in creating images and was regarded as a lyric poet by Wordsworth whom in the preface to [1]The Lyrical Ballads (1798), describes as a successful poet who shows [2]‘the relation between the human imagination and the natural world’ Karadas (2008: 162). Hardy makes use of various figurative devices to communicate this idea: for example, in the first stanza of the poem he…show more content…
The imagery used to describe Emma’s childhood reflects both happy memories and the passing of time. The family are enjoying an evening filled with entertainment, ‘they sang their dearest songs’ (line 1). This is a powerful image because it builds a picture of family life, Hardy also uses the words Elders and Juniors (line 9) and a description of a candle ‘with the candles mooning each face’ (line 5) to describe the youthfulness in the family, Hardy later describes the same family members as ‘Men and Maidens’ (line 16), signifying that the same children described, have aged over time. In addition the regularity of the theme of time is reinforced by the structure of the poem, as there are four stanzas, suggesting a month and seven lines suggesting a week. Hardy also flips between past and present, the first five lines of the stanzas suggest memories from Emma’s past, for example ‘And they build a shady seat…’(line 12) followed by ‘Ah, no; the years O!’ (line 6). The exclamation mark emphasizes Hardy’s grim vision of the present. Hardy’s poem also has a rhyming scheme of ABCBCDA. This regular rhyming pattern and the broadly iambic tetrameter

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