Closed Adoption : A New Home

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Closed Adoption
About twenty years ago my Uncle Hosea had a son named Javion. He was the first boy out of all the girls my uncle had conceived, which made him very proud. However, due to some underlying circumstances, he was taken away from his mom and put into the system. He was somehow adopted and never seen again, nor has any information been given out to our family to help locate him. He had entered closed adoption, which is an irreversible system where parents give up their rights to know any information and right to ever take part in their children 's lives. The child is given a new home and grows up thinking the family raising them is their biological relatives. They never know anything about their true family or where they come from. They are mislead by this system of closed adoption, restricted from truth their own beginning, and lose touch with the family who brought them into this world. Children suffer tremendously from closed adoption, and because closed adoption has tougher policies, takes away many of children’s rights, puts a strain on biological families, distributes limited background family information, and strips identity, it should be abolished. There are two types of outside adoption, one is closed adoption and the other is open adoption. In open adoption the biological parents are given the ability to have contact with their child through the adoptive parents and share any background information needed. Likewise, the children are also given the free…
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