Closed-Circuit-Television and Surveillance

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Surveillance is an old tactic primarily used by sovereigns throughout the history of mankind. In the western world, surveillance is emerging as an instrumental means of sovereign control. Surveillance-centered sates use the power to acquire material of specific individuals, extensive analysis of situations, groups and people, as well as inhibiting dysfunction. Surveillance is also used by companies and or stores to deny theft. Regardless the specifications of surveillance, all practices use the same modes of inquiry, supervision, regulation, and organization. The progression of technology and government policy has exuberated surveillances power and identity, self-surveillance has created an uncomfortable relationship with human normality.…show more content…
So understood, privacy is fundamentally dynamic. In a world characterized by pervasive social shaping of subjectivity, privacy fosters (partial) self-determination. It enables individuals both to maintain relational ties and to develop critical perspective on the world around them”. The advancement of technology is creating a cultural where it is acceptable for the individual to have a scarce relationship with privacy. The individual is treated as an object that cannot be trusted. The scrutiny of CCTV surveillance constructs permanent vulnerability within the individual. The essentiality of privacy is to assure the production of collective values and subjectivity does not correlate consecutively (Cohen, 2013). Privacy is an invisible too, it will not render its benefit to the social eye, however, and it is necessary for the individual’s health. Contemporary surveillance is normalizing privacy as thing of the past. For example, Britain has the most CCTV cameras in the world per capita, it is estimated there is one CCTV cameras per eleven people. (Barnett, 2013). Though many of the cameras are privately operated the state has complete authority of the footage. Individuals are becoming numbers in a system, defined by their standing with the law, and dealt with if deemed problematic or a threat. Simply walking down the street you are subject to an invasive gaze of CCTV cameras or suffering on you cell phone, which the state has the
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