Closed Fracture

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The skeletal system is made up of 206 bones and provides support, allows for movements and protects the internal organs of the body. Sometimes, too much pressure is applied to the bones that results to what we know as fracture. Fractures are often classified as either open or closed. An open fracture is a fracture where a piece of a broken bone pierces through the skin. This can be dangerous because the bone is exposed, increasing the risk of infection. A closed fracture is a fracture where the bone is broken but does not come through the skin. A compression fracture is a close fracture that occurs when two or more bones are forced against each other. It commonly occurs to bones at the spine and maybe caused by falling into a standing or sitting position or a result of an advanced osteoporosis.

Plan of Management

Rehabilitative exercises and proper diet are the two thing involved in managing fractures and back pains. Doing some stretching and isometric exercises are also of great help in minimizing, if not totally eliminating, the
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Very simple. All you have to do is pay careful attention to your fitness and daily routine. Having proper warm ups before going over your reps can help prevent such condition. In order to prevent bone loss or bone degradation, taking your preventive regiments like vitamin D, calcium and biphosphonate supplements is medically advised by most doctors.


Any type of bone fracture, whether it is serious or not so serious, needs proper and immediate medical attention. The moment you experience recurring back pain, consulting your doctor is also essential to accurately and immediately determine the cause and identify proper treatment/s. If you have experienced back pain which runs down the legs, which also comes along with numbness and tingling sensations, might as well consult your doctor. These are just a few of the common flags of possibly more serious conditions or
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