Closed Growth Curve Lab Report Essay

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Microbiology (Lab Report) Closed system growth curve Closed System Growth Curve Lab Report PURPOSE Bacteria grown in a closed system show a specific growth pattern called the growth curve which consists of four phases. The lag phase, which is a period of slow growth; exponential phase, period of maximum growth; stationary phase, where nutrients become the limiting factor making the growth rate equal to the death rate and the death phase where organisms die faster than they are replaced. It is important to know how fast a microbe grows in order to know bactericidal or antibiotic concentrations, temperature and ph at which they stop growing. Evaluating a growth curve gives you a perspective of the generation time and the mean growth…show more content…
Once a certain amount of time passed the cell density began to decline. CONCLUSION At a temperature over 1 the Density of the organism increased with time. Before the stationary Phase this shows that the Bacterial has adjusted and is using the nutrients to develop and multiply. As cell density increases so does the amount of variable cells. The two graphs differ because with time cell growth continues to increases. The graph of time and Original Density (OD) differed in pattern than that in the graph of time and variable cells. This graph explains more of what goes on in a closed system and is more intricate in

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