Closing Case Study One

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Closing Case Study One
Information Systems in Enterprise (ISYS - 3001 - 3)
Group B Participants-Matthew Gilliss, Arlene Gulley, Renee Hicks
Kemara Mcintyre, and Andrew Ginn

Walden University

February 10, 2013

This will be a paper that has been a group effort with Matthew Gilliss (organizer and website account setup, homepage and student webpage template), Arlene Gulley (editor/poster), Renee Hicks (compiler), Kemara Mcintyre (summary), and Andrew Ginn (editor). The URL of our website is Our goal will be to respond to specifics questions in regards to two case studies; the first, being Ben & Jerry and secondly, Bigelow Teas.
Ben & Jerry’s produce 190,000 pints of ice
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87). Bigelow Teas’ would not want their suppliers or resellers to know about their strategic business decisions. (Haag & Cummings, 2009). There might be a person who is a supplier or reseller who might take this information and use it for themselves and/or sell the information for a profit. The suppliers and resellers should only have information that will help Bigelow Teas in regards to implementing cost reduction, and be helpful with their resources.
Question #5
Neil Hastie’s belief that most organizations decision making is a lot of trial by error. In a sense that could be true, but good decision making comes from the top and makes it way down. Let’s not lose sight on what decision making really is; finding a logical choice of decisions from available options. A CEO or even management of any kind of organization would have to be good at decision making. If you were to turn Neil’s statement about decision making into a positive one, then one would agree that an organization or whoever is running the organization would need to keep an open-mind. Keeping an open-mind would include training, presenting timely information and everyone’s wide assortment of data-mining tools. (Haag & Cummings, 2009).
This assignment was both a learning experience and growing
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