Closing Gender Gaps : The Gap Between Men And Women

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Closing gender gaps Laith Wadi Eduardo Canel Thomas Chaisson Le-belle Introduction to international development The main argument highlighted to solve the issue of closing the gap between men and women could easily come down to the Gender and Development theory. Finding out what separates the two genders in terms of the lack of power and resources that differentiates men and women in terms of their roles in development. Gender equality has been argued to be an on going issue, from the start of modern civilization.There are many approaches that have been taken up to resolve the problems of cultural conflicts and social problems that have been present in the society of the 21st century. Through the recent years, more women have been participating in more male oriented lines of work. Younger girls, especially in developing nations of the Global South have been able to enroll in primary as well as secondary school. Hence, being able to increase education and literacy levels between women. In terms of politics, there is an increase in the level of women who are taking up parliamentary roles. Lastly, women 's rights are being excessively highlighted in legislation. All of this has been possible due to the numerous attempts and efforts made by many 'femocrats ' and social rights activists. From the late 19th century onwards, many approaches and methodologies have been addressed in order to curb the high level of gender discrimination. The following approaches show the

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