Closing The Real Estate Transaction

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Closing the Real Estate Transaction Closing is the final step required to complete a real estate transaction. Depending on the location and type of property certain guidelines or requirements may apply, however, there are many common steps within the process. This paper will present the following terms and their relation to closing: mortgage, escrow, the preliminary report and inspection. Depending on the state guidelines, a closing can happen at a title company with an escrow officer or at an attorney’s office. Once a seller has officially accepted an offer they will agree on a closing date with the buyer. At the time of closing, property ownership is transferred to the buyer. What does a Mortgage Mean? Mortgage lending is a major sector with the United States financial market today. “The modern mortgage has only been around since the 1930s, but the idea of a mortgage has been around for a lot longer.” (History of Mortgages, 2016) The literal meaning of the word ‘mortgage’ has Latin roots: ‘mort’ or death and ‘gage’ or pledge. Translated it supports “the idea that the pledge died once the loan was repaid, and also the idea that the property was ‘dead’ (or forfeit) if the loan wasn’t repaid.” (History of Mortgages, 2016) A mortgage is an agreement for the terms of your home loan, technically not the home loan itself. Real estate transactions require written documentation and this is the purpose of a mortgage. Most homeowners are not in a financial position

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