Clostridium Difficile Infection: The prescription for health

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Clostridium difficile or otherwise known as C.diff. is a life threating infection that can cause a wide range of symptoms. Patients can experience anything from diarrhea to inflammation of the colon that can lead to death. In the past few years, Clostridium difficile infection rates have increased here in the United States causing great concern about the effectiveness of current treatments. For the past fifty years, the medical community has been investigating other areas for better treatment options. There are major effects in the United States and Europe to help identify the role of microbial communities in the human body. The colon requires a balance of microbial agents that assist with various functions of the body. An imbalance can lead to C.diff., irritable bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), neurological disorders, and obesity just to list a few. Many of these problems have grown to an epidemic proportion. Both the United States and Europe have started projects aimed at the microbial communities of the body and their roles in our health. More than a century ago the notion of microbiota working as a regulator for health and disease was already in use. They realized that consuming large amounts of fermented milk helped with their longevity. This began the foundation of probiotics. However, the oral probiotics that are used today are at a lower amount than what is contained in the colon. After cycling through the digestive system it is
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