Clostridium Difficlie

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Clostridium Difficlie Amy Roger Margaret Mcgannon Learning about Clostridium difficile Clostridium difficile also known a C. difficile or C. diff is an inflammatory infection created in the intestine primarily caused by taking antibiotics. Most people don’t show symptoms of having the C. diff bacteria in your intestines until that person has taken a course of antibiotics. Clostridium difficile bacteria can be found anywhere in the environment. It is found is soil, water, human and animal feces, food products and processed meats (Mayo clinic staff, 2013). Treatments to cure C. diff include antibiotics and surgery. Once having C. diff you want to make sure that you can prevent from getting it again. The best way to prevent from getting…show more content…
For very severe cases where people are having organ failure or inflammation of the abdominal wall surgery may be necessary. There are different places that this bacterium can be obtained. “More than three million C. difficile infections occur in hospitals in the US each year” (Lee, 2013, p.2). Other known ways that you can contract this bacterium is nursing homes or surfaces in which you can touch and digest the bacteria. It can be transferred from people that are already infected with the bacteria and have not washed their hands they touch a surface or object and the bacterium is than transferred. If the bacteria is not killed or contained it can grow stronger allowing it to mutate and become harder to control and get rid of. Most people that get C.diff once are more likely to become infected again. There are many different strategies to helping people contain and resist contracting Clostridium difficle. The best way to resist the bacteria is to wash your hands anytime they are around a dirty surface especially prior to putting something into your mouth. Whenever possible it is a good idea to disinfect all surfaces that could become infected such as bathrooms, kitchens, door handles, food, etc. Other ways to avoid getting sick from C. diff is by avoiding long hospital stays or nursing facilities, and taking antibiotics that are either a broad spectrum antibiotic, multi antibiotics at one time, and taking antibiotics for a long period of time (Mayo clinic
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