Clostridium Perfringens

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Name: Mirna Gordillo

Causative Agent #1: Clostridium perfringens

Disease #1: food poisoning/ Gastroenteritis

Classification of the causative agent:
C.perfringens is a large obligate anaerobic, gram-positive, endospore-forming, and motile rod-shaped.

Clostridium is one of the most common food poisoning in the USA. Also it used the less time for regeneration or multiplication of endospores.

Virulence factors of the causative agent:
Strains of C.perfringens form enterotoxins that induce infection in the host cell.

Mode of transmission
During slaughter of animals (cattle or chicken) the meat can be contaminated by C. perfringens bacteria with the animal’s intestinal content or even worse by their feces, therefore; meat has to be cooked properly
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A wound became anaerobic because there is blood supply interruption this is a condition called ischemia. After ischemia tissue dye and that condition is called necrosis after this dead tissue produce no more blood supply and this can be a lethal condition called Gas Gangrene.

Virulence factors of the causative agent:
C. perfringens can growth in the death cells providing nutrients for sporulation. Because C.perfringens is anaerobe it ferment carbohydrates in the dead cells and produce carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This is an exotoxin bacteria and can intoxicate muscle tissue until invade the bloodstream causing dead.

Mode of transmission
C.perfrringens can be found in soil, animals feces, and can be active in wound or intestinal human tract. When spores are inoculated or through the airborne of spores introduce in deep wound; more necrosis is caused and gas production on dead tissue. Gas can cause swelling and amputation of the body part infected.

Incubation Period of the
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