Clothes Affects Our Mood Essay

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Beautiful, handsome, sexy, hot, attractive, classy, stunning, and elegant are all adjectives people love being described as. They will jump through hoops and stand on their heads to simply have someone compliment them on their appearance. This seems silly and farfetched but it is a part of every person’s life, either subconsciously or consciously. The way a person dresses may reflect their emotional, mental, physical, and social state. Not only does it affect them but it also affects those they interact with. Many people however don’t believe this to actually be true so they continue dressing in ways that reflect the wrong image or cause a different emotion. Therefore researchers believe that clothing effects and reflects a person’s …show more content…
This concludes that clothing only impacts certain people emotionally and cannot be generalized. Clothing in regards to the emotional state of children is a little different.
Most children do not choose their own clothing. They get their clothing from their parents. This causes them to mirror their parent’s feelings towards the clothes they wear. If an individual loves a certain outfit of their child’s the child may reflect that emotion when they wear it. This may not always be the case your child may come to hate the outfit because they did not choose it themselves. “A central task of adolescence is to develop a sense of oneself as an autonomous individual. The drive for such autonomy derives from the internal, biological processes marking the transition to a more adult role.”(Enclothed Cognition) A child is trying to discover who they are so when forced to wear an outfit mom might find cute but they don’t it will cause them to feel depressed or angry. Hence the emotional toll that clothing may have. However many believe that a parent has to choose outfits for their children because the child might choose something less then appropriate. “Eighty-two percent of parents said children are dressing inappropriately or too provocatively for their age.” (Find the Right Therapist) This causes problems with parents because the child wants to fit in but the parent wants them to be appropriate. The parents do not
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