Clothes at School Essay

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In a 1969 Supreme Court case, Tinker vs. Des Moines, a controversy was started over students wearing black armbands to protest American involvement in the Vietnam War. From this case, and many others like it multiple school boards believe that with uniforms or stricter dress codes, the students will have better learning environments. Many schools now implement strict dress code standards, or school uniforms, because of the cases. Moreover, the students believe they already are not being allowed to express themselves and strict school dress codes and uniforms would not allow the students to do so. One of the things I believe a big deal in schools are uniforms. I personally am against uniforms at school. A reason as to why I feel this way…show more content…
A person wearing black clothes is usually perceived as a gothic. Or a person wearing cowboy boots is seen as the ‘hick’ or so-called cowboy. When in reality they maybe just like you, the normal average Joe. But because we live in a world that loves to stereotype everybody and everything that’s different, we just automatically assume that the person is what they wear. Strict dress codes, and school uniforms try their best not do this type of stereotyping but it still takes place, for the simple fact as every body is different. In Pauline Harding’s web page she states, “the more restrictive the dress code, the more likely students will try to find loopholes in it.” I have to agree with her on this subject, students will try changing the least bit to make them themselves different or unique. Some people say though that not allowing students to express themselves is taking away their rights to freedom of expression.      What makes a person different is it the clothes they wear? Torn, ripped, expensive, baggy, etc… are all examples of these clothes that make a person. Or are they? Is this for attention, difficulty with authority, or do they just want to express themselves. There are many effects that the clothes you wear in school effects you as a person. I have a big effect of wearing something different. Because I didn’t wear the same thing as a fellow student, I was
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