Clothing Is Essential For All Members Of The Uk

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Clothing is essential for all members of the UK population, which creates a constant demand for clothing to be retailed in the UK. London is a leading fashion industries in the world, which makes fashion and clothing a key trend for English consumers with the UK being a fashion capital, London, tourists from all over the world visit the UK specifically for its clothing retailers; which has allowed the market to continuously do well. Consumers in Britain require different types of garments for various occasions, for example job related attire, gym attire and special occasions, the market has a wide range of segmentations for different trends and faces a constant demand for new products especially as consumers change fashion through seasonal…show more content…
Leading retail stores such as Topshop have already begun on using this new technology to gain more in store customers “as they screened its Topshop Unique catwalk show at the Oxford Circus flagship store. The store featured a vending machine that dispensed free beauty gifts. All customers had to do is tweet to @Topshop using #topshoptreats and the machine dispensed their free gift.’’ (Retail Innovation from London Fashion Week) The ongoing rollout of Internet access and social media networking is providing clothing retailers with new means of targeting and selling to consumers.
The popularity of British brands is giving UK clothing retailers a base from which to launch into new international markets.
As male fashion becomes more popular, retailers have the potential to tap into this currently underdeveloped market.
Retailers can benefit from participating in discounting days, such as Black Friday, as a means to encourage a surge in spending among shoppers. As online retailers are increasingly emerging offering more convenient of click-and- collect and home-delivery services, the physical retailers on the high street are in danger of becoming irrelevant in the changing marketplace. Heavy discounting days, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are squeezing the profit margins of retailers and
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