Clothing Store's E-Commerce Implementation: Case Study

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Clothing Stores e-commerce Introduction It is not easy developing an e-commerce business which will assess the determination and commitment of any person that has put up a business in the past. With 1000 dollars, the Clothing Store intends to build a domain and start on e-commerce. The e-commerce has only begun booming in the recent years, and has proved very successful. Among the businesses that started online is the eBay online supermarket. The most important part in starting an online business is learning the ethics involved. These include the methods used to get clients to your business and also the manner you secure their personal information. Having created a domain for the Clothing Store, which is not only an expensive process, but also time taking, selling it would be inappropriate for several reasons (Pelau, Bena, 2010). The domain name is usually tied to the business, and so selling it would be like selling out the company. The domain is also registered under the Clothing Store, and once sold, the buyer could misuse the domain, and the repercussions might fall back on the Clothing Store. The buyer should also be able to acquire his own domain, and so there would be suspicion as to why he wants to buy it. With the already set marketing for the Clothing Store, selling the company may mean losing client base. The buyer might only be interested in buying the name, and not the client's interest. This would be to my disadvantage because clients would build a negative

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