Clothing Vs Clothing

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Everyone wears articles of clothing from the day they are born until the day they die. During infancy and early childhood, these garments are mostly indistinguishable between genders. However, in the United States, once a child reaches the end of elementary school, clothing becomes separated by gender. This trend continues throughout everyone’s lives, conditioning them to the likes and dislikes of society. While anyone can choose what type of clothes to wear, clothing made for females and males are extremely different on the accounts of their marketing, cut and sizing. One example of a difference between men’s and women’s clothing is that they are marketed in completely different ways, even when the same article of clothing is being…show more content…
If they are too tight for the woman’s liking, exposing her midriff or chest, she can become extremely self-conscious, which can be detrimental to her self-esteem. On the other hand, T-shirts made for men are shaped in a boxy manner that tends to hang loosely on the body. This repetitive theme of women’s bodies being exposed also extends to shorts. Women’s shorts tend to be cut higher towards the hips, exposing most of the leg, while, on the other hand, men’s shorts rarely end above mid-thigh. This, once again, enforces the idea into the minds of women that they should show their bodies, even though men do not have similar ideas forced upon them. Because men and women have different proportions, the sizes are made accordingly, which makes it difficult for women to buy men’s clothing and vice versa. For example, in shoes, a men's size 5 is equivalent to a women’s size 7. This not only shows how women tend to have smaller feet but how men are expected to have larger ones. Normally, the sizes do not pose that large of an issue. However, some female athletes desire to have more colorful cleats or sneakers. There are usually more colors and options for men’s shoes, so many females try to buy men’s shoes, but it is difficult due to the size conversions. Also, women’s shirts tend to run relatively small even when the size indicates a medium or large. This creates the idea that women should be able to fit into these small sizes, even if the garment looks
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