Cloud-Based System for Sales, Marketing and Customer Information

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We propose a new cloud based system that will compile all of the past sales and marketing information and current customer contacts and needs. This system will allow employees from all areas and locations access to marketing tools and sales data. The components needed to use the new cloud system are Clients which is computer hardware and software that relies on the cloud for application and other Cloud services. The other services could not run without the help of Cloud computing. The second is Services; this is a software system that is designed to support machine-to-machine communication through a network. Next is Application; this helps the Cloud in the software architecture, this often eliminates the need to install and run the…show more content…
These requirements will make using the software as simple and will help any company track sales and other financial information.

Riordan would be able to manage data, text, and document management as a communication simplicity tool. As in any company, data is an informational asset that brings in earnings, investing in data management. Simply spoken, it helps to raise customer relationship management (CRM), while cutting expenses. This type of database will enable increased speeds for locating the products the customers want. It will reduce, considerably, the unauthorized purchases, and improve the efficiency in the operation, helping to also reduce errors in customer purchases. Part of the restructuring, would involve a need for Riordan implement consolidating software applications for all of the branches.
The security of this software and concerns are the same as any software. As long as the company sticks to the policy there should not be any problems. We have made sure that this program is safe and secure. The data will be protected as long as the computers and users are safe with Virus protectors that are installed. So far we have not seen any flaws within the program as long as it is used properly. Any ethical concerns should be addressed to our company so we can make sure they are fixed and made sure that the data is safe and secure.
This system can be used with mobile devices such as smart phones and any
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