Cloud Challenges : Security And Privacy

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Cloud Challenges: Security and Privacy According to Prasad, Gyani and Murti (2012), “Cloud computing can be defined as a new style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet” (p.7). This statement is from five years ago, and although cloud computing is no longer considered new, this definition still describes what cloud computing means today. Cloud computing being private or public is becoming more primordial in the IT sector due to the numerous advantages it gives to its end users (Basmadjian et al. 2012). Since the interest in cloud computing keeps on increasing, efforts need to continue to evaluate current trends in security and privacy. Cloud computing…show more content…
Another type of cloud is the public cloud. This type of cloud is open to the public or it could be a large consumer who owns the cloud and is offering the services to consumers for a price. The last type of cloud is the hybrid. A hybrid cloud can both be private and community. The clouds are tied together but are still separate. The clouds share data and application portability. When deciding which information, the company wants to move to cloud, the division of responsibilities needs to be clear between providers and customers, and an analysis of their security roles depending on the type of service offered (Software, Platform, or Infrastructure) (Gonzalez, et al, 2012). Prior to the start of the service contract, the security roles and responsibilities for everything needs to be clearly acknowledged. The management, cost, and security of clouds depend on whether an organization chooses to buy and operate its own cloud or to obtain cloud services from a third party (Grossman, 2009). Each of these choices has its own security and privacy issues. Some security concerns are lessened when a private cloud is used. Only your own information is stored there and the benefits of security might outweigh the costs. Two of the disadvantages of using a private cloud is the level of knowledge needed to support the cloud and the frequency of maintenance. On the other
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