Cloud Computing : A Centralized Data Storage Network

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Introduction In the past few years cloud computing has become the latest mainstream technology for individuals and businesses(McDermott, 2009). Cloud defines the use of assembly of services, infrastructure, information and applications which are comprised of pools of network, compute, information and storage assets. The cloud is a centralized shared data storage network that enables an individual or business to be able to store personal data such as: personal files, images and videos etc.(Camp, 2009). It offers the convenience to be able to store personal data in one centralized location and allows easy access to the data even from a remote location by use of user assigned passwords and user login details. This concept may sound straight forward, easy and user friendly but cloud computing poses potential security threats that can possibly put the user’s privacy and security at risk in case another party is able to log in their account, resulting in an unsafe storage of their personal information. Users are assured that their data is safe and won’t be exploited, however the user does not have control where the data is being stored and cannot track precisely how well their data is being protected(McDermott, 2009). In most cases, users just rely on trust and confidence to their storage provider that they can be able to securely store their data and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the data. This means users are unsure of who and what may be accessing their data and
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