Cloud Computing : A Compelling Paradigm For Delivering And Managing Services Over The Internet

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Cloud computing has become a compelling paradigm for delivering and managing services over the internet. Although it might be difficult to define cloud computing, one simple definition of the term is virtualized third-party hosting. In simple terms, instead of renting the entire or actual physical server, one rents a certain proportion of server resources. The client’s server runs within a virtual container that may be moved from a physical server to another without service interruption. Cloud computing has changed the entire landscape of Information Technology, and it is finally actualizing the long-standing promise of utility computing. This paper serves as a comprehensive overview of the cloud computing technology; definition,…show more content…
2.2 Characteristics Among the most astounding features of cloud computing are that it may offer huge amounts of power with regards to computing and storage and still offer unequalled scalability and elasticity. Furthermore, when considering efficiencies and economies of scale, cloud computing services are not only cheaper, but they also provide a greener way of building and deploying IT services. However, Wang & Laszewski (2008) contend that cloud computing is distinct from other services in several ways. On-demand services. Cloud computing resources and services can be dispatched to users on demand. Users are able to customize and personalize computing environments, for instance, network configuration and software installation. On-demand services are able since the users have administrative privileges. QoS Guaranteed Offer. The environments served by the clouds can offer a guaranteed quality of service for the users regarding parameters such as I/O bandwidth, CPU speed, and memory size. The QoS guarantee is generally rendered by processing SLA with the users. Autonomous System. Cloud computing systems are autonomous and their management is transparent for the users. Hardware, data, and software in the Cloud can be configured automatically, consolidated, and orchestrated to bring out a single platform image that can finally be rendered to users. Scalability. One of the most

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