Cloud Computing : An Open Source Cloud Simulation Tool

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Abstract In the last few years, the advancement of cloud computing technology has revolutionized the IT infrastructure and business model of many organizations. Businesses from green field startups, to enterprises and market giants have repositioned their services and infrastructure to take benefits of Cloud computing models. Cloud technology is leveraged by the underlying infrastructure and virtualization techniques that make the magic of on demand resource allocation, service orchestration possible. While the Internet provides the ubiquitous access necessary for utilization of the cloud services. In this project I have used and extended an open source cloud simulation tool. The purpose of the project is to analyze and compare different cloud computing algorithms that takes into account factors like the user base (clients of clouds), geographical proximity to datacenters, load on datacenters etc. This tool will generate valuable insights in to designing Cloud infrastructure services in areas such as coordination between data centers, load balancing algorithms and possible value added services such as Service Brokers to coordinate between data centers to optimize the application performance and cost to the company. Introduction Cloud computing is an emergent computing paradigm that has the potential to make ‘computing as a utility’ a reality in the near future (Buyya et al., 2009). These days many organizations have adopted cloud computing or in the process of
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