Cloud Computing, Analysis Of Security Issues And Challenges

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ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is nothing but an internet based connection to remote servers which allows to store data and access to all services. These services are provided by the third party who owns the infrastructure. Cloud computing is classified into public, private or hybrid. It is a kind of grid computing. It is flexible and easy to adapt. Apart from advantages organizations are very slow in processing the customer resources because it has some security issues and challenges associated with it. Security is the main issue which is becoming a big hurdle for the growth of cloud computing. The companies are worrying to handle some important data to other companies due to these security challenges. This paper is going to give brief…show more content…
The present availability of networks, software’s and the latest trends in software industry. They are shifting towards the cloud computing. In the last few years it is grown from a business concept to one of the fastest growing business segment in IT industry. Despite of the challenges and security issues concerning to cloud computing clients are shifting to cloud computing and are getting successful in their field. Some companies are trying to solve these type of problems and some research is going on. Gartner addressed seven security issues to be known to a company before shifting to cloud computing. They are 1) User access: According to this they should be aware of their users information because the information can be accessed when the data is flowing though internet. Therefore, company people should be aware of the user information when they are connecting to trivial applications. 2) Regulatory compliance: Clients are responsible for the security of the solution as they can be chosen by the third party organization to check the security and related issues. 3) Data location: Depending on the contract clients need to send the information to their location. Please be aware to what location you are sending the data and it is legal to send that information to that location. Be aware of the jurisdiction of that location. 4) Data segregation: coded information by multiple companies is
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