Cloud Computing And Computer Science Of The Future

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Cloud computing, has opened a new potentiality for technology and computer science of the future. In recent years, IT industry has completely evolved from its demand for the purchase of software, hardware and information systems. Information architecture is provided these days as a service, which is divided into three main segments: "Applications", "Platform" and "Infrastructure”. The main goal of cloud computing is to provide users with a more flexible and scalable computing applications, data storage and the platform in a transparent manner. By using cloud-computing platform, organizations can easily capture and deploy the necessary services and operations with the help of the Internet, but without the need to configure complicated hardware and software infrastructure. Cloud computing technology allows organizations to focus on the most important aspects of their business.

Along with this unique technology, a number of tangible and intangible issues arise such as lack of security, availability and imperfection created by virtual web based application. The biggest concern and one of the main obstacles for cloud computing systems is maintaining high security for sensitive applications and data, which are transmitted to data centres in the cloud and stored on virtual machines. Sensitive information remains on the server in the cloud, depriving the owners of physical inspection, while referring to the identity and credentials of their sensitive data, while…

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