Cloud Computing And Ethical Issues Essay

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Cloud Computing and Ethical Issues
Cloud computing is the service in the internet which can be accessible with web browser. The most of the business nowadays shifted toward the cloud computing which will decreased the overload data store problem and increased the security. Cloud computing cut the cost of the business and will increase the efficiencies. In the recent years there is the significant transitions in the business by the use of the cloud computing from desktop based to the software as a service (SaaS). There are many benefits from using the cloud computing in the business but there is always serval question arise regarding the legal practitioners and security when we compared it with the traditional way.
The use of the cloud computing always have a question about the ethics issues related with client data confidential. The FEO formal ethics opinion on cloud endorses the way to use cloud computing technology which include the reasonable care must be taken effectively to minimize the risk related with the client information confidentiality. The cloud computing technology has been used by the many service provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Dropbox and so on for numbers of years. These technologies were using this for the centralized service efficiently over the web.

Cloud computing in the Business
There are many identifiable benefits of cloud computing in the business. In the cloud
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