Cloud Computing And Its Challenges

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Introduction While reading this paper, the authors are discussing the security worries with in cloud computing and its challenges. In the information technology area, cloud computing has become one of the fastest-growing parts of the industry. As a result of the vast movement of cloud computing some concerns of security issues have appeared. The issues come from the idea that data is stored remotely from the user’s location. The beauty of cloud computing is that data can be stored in any location. Users concern about their privacy and security risk has lowered overall, however regarding cloud computing users do not feel comfortable because data is stored in a cloud (the network of computers used for remote storage and maintenance) and not…show more content…
An example of Public cloud: Microsoft Azure. Example Public Cloud Providers: Google and Amazon. One plus about a public cloud is under-utilization is eliminated because customers are only charged for what they are using. A private cloud type is defined as internal services of an organization or third party that is not accepted by the public user. Example: Eucalyptus. As stated even though it might be expensive compared to a public cloud it is more secured. When talking about private networks they are made up of hosted services to specific groups of people behind a firewall. The third type hybrid cloud is a medium that a company controls a resource privately and some for the public user and they are connected, so data between them does not affect either type of the clouds. The combination of public and private clouds is called hybrid cloud. An example of a hybrid cloud is Amazon Web Services. The last cloud infrastructure is the Community Cloud. The name of the infrastructure pretty much describes what it is however, community cloud rarely offered as a cloud model is shared by many related organizations based on an agreement between them. Facebook would be an example to a community cloud. Cloud computing provides three important types of services in the cloud environment: Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a
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